Description :


For optimal precision during a punch or a pulling check, we have developed a force gauge to control your effort. This small hand tool is easily transportable and does not require any additional energy. Its playful aspect will make you adopt this product very quickly.




Technical characteristics :




- Adjustable or factory set force.

- Range from 5 to 20 N

   (other beaches on request).

- Accuracy ± 10%

- Visual deception.

- Detractor to the touch.

- Any tip on request.


ITEM : D252000



Manual :




Exercise force by pressing the red push button.


1) Beyond the setpoint force, the spindle retracts very quickly:


- We hear "click"

- We see "the green light has changed to red"

- We feel "a pressure on the fingertip"


Your three senses are put to contribution!


2) The target force has not been exceeded:


- Nothing is happening !




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