Automatic photographic studio with very high details level

Réf : G407000


Automatic photographic studio with very high details level


The LumizyWatch was designed by a team of experts in different specialities : photography, computer science and automation to satisfy the requirements of the world of luxury.

The simplicity of use and the quality of the pictures were the two criteria of its development.

Image sizes are 5K or 5120 x 2880 pixels

LumizyWatch offer the possibility to get various pictures of the watch, from all angles. Not even 1 mm² has been forgotten.

This device is so simple, that no special skills and no installation of software are needed.

The incredible development of the software allows to control the machine via internet, whether the operator is in front of the machine or at several thousand of kilometers.

Software is accessible  by any tablet, Smartphone, PC, MAC and Linux without any installation, just connect to the LumizyWatch using Chrome

The size of the objects of this version must be not larger than13.5 cm in diameter. (A pair of glasses for example).

Main applications: Creation of files records, watches entrusted to you for maintenance and repair, in order to identify them and to retain the state in which they were the day of delivery by the customer.


Any other development on request. 


Patent Pending.                                                              


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Technical specification:

650x300 H.460 mm



115/230V 50/60Hz





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