Precise – Quick & easy to operate

A force gauge for quick and precise in-production hold tests


This gauge's compact shape enables it to be used for in-production hold tests on any assembled, driven-on, clipped-on or soldered-on components. One of the most common applications in the watchmaking world is testing the torque hold of fitted hands.

The device does not indicate a value, but mechanically disengages (with a click) after exceeding a certain force.  The test is binary, i.e. compliant or non-compliant (go/no go).

The gauge is factory-calibrated, within a range from 0.10 to 1.00 N.


At present many tests rely on the experience, sensitivity and skill of the operators. With this innovative tool, unique on the market, anyone can perform a quick, simple and reliable test without any special training.

Hence your production can achieve 100 % reliability.

According to your application, anti-scratch end-pieces can be custom made, as well as end-piece holders.


We can also apply special labelling.


Reference : 

D270000-x.xx N (x being a digital value corresponding to the chosen force)


Dimensions : 

110 x 22 x 20.5 mm



Weight : 

17 g


Content :  

H497000: A force gauge, a plain end-piece holder, a plain anti-scratch end-piece, a storage box

Technical specifications:

·         Force factory-settable from 0.10 to 1.00 N at the order stage

·         Precision ±5%


·         Anti-scratch end-piece 









è  Easy to handle

è  Small and light

è  Easy to use

è  Quick testing


è  No settings to make 




Maintenance advice:


Replace the end-pieces if worn 


Recommendation for general application 

Before triggering

It is important to make sure the gauge is positioned perpendicular to the component to be tested, so that the triggering force matches the tool's nominal value.


If the tool is inclined, the correct triggering force will not be applied, i.e. it will be different from the tool's nominal value.


The end-piece length we provide is always 5 mm. If you make the end-pieces yourself, it is important to adhere to this length, since it directly affects the triggering force. 

The triggering force must be determined when ordering, in the reference. référence. 

After triggering

Recommendation for hand hold application

Thanks to its end-piece holder specifically designed for hand hold testing, the force gauge can be used as a torque gauge.


You need only position the mark in the axis of the movement pivot to apply a force at a distance of 3 mm.


In this way you can convert the force into torque, using the formula C= Fxd (unit).


Example:   0.2N equates to

With a 3 mm lever arm, if the force gauge is set to 0.2N, you can test a torque of 0.2*3=0.6



To order these versions, you need to use the references: D270000-X.xx N + D270000-PEBA3 + D270000-EBA



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