Blower – Vacuum stylus – Ergonomic

a two-in-one device, combining VACUUM and compressed air blower functions 


Watchmaking is a sector where dust is a constant enemy. Watchmakers frequently have to use suction systems and blowers to ensure flawless cleanliness.

These daily repetitive actions can lead to operator muscular-skeletal disorders. Our vacuum air manifold provides a better work environment thanks to the highly flexible, lightweight pipes, due to a constant low return force.

The air styluses can be moved close to the workstation, thereby reducing operator movement distance.  In addition, the pipes can be locked and if necessary removed from the workbench for use outside the workstation.


Furthermore, our tool is designed to free up space in the work area. Our manifold occupies an overhead space. The two arms arrive from overhead, and are tiltable.



Our vacuum air manifold is easy to install, since the pipe extends from inside the device, rather than underneath the workbench. 


Reference : 



Dimensions : 

690 x 220 x 80 mm



Weight : 

11 kg 


Content :  

H450000: Base with 2 nozzles, fastening nut


Supplied without blower or vacuum stylus 


Technical specifications:

·         Adjustable working position

·         Option of locking the pipe

·         Long travel

·         Option of removing the blower from the workbench

·         Set-up with 2 pipes


·         Constant force 





Avantages :

è  Mechanism flexibility

è  Ergonomic working environment


è  Direct connection under the workbench



Product details:

·         Return force approx. 100 g

·         Pipe travel 500 m

·         Work position travel 0 to +180 m

·         Work position angle 0 to 45°

·         External Ø6 flexible pneumatic pipes

·         Ø6 female quick-release connector


·         Ø60 mm orientable base (workbench drill hole) 



Simulations : 

Inclined arms

Stylus removed from the workbench


H450000 - Distributeur d_air vacuum_ENG.
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