Simple and efficient

This table detaches particles and then sucks them up.

Clean Air Table has the advantage of channelling the dust, thereby avoiding it dropping back onto the work environment.

All you need is press on the table to detach and suck up the dust.

Starting the stroke generates a vacuum, so as to evacuate your case middle or shell.

Ending the stroke activates the compressed air, while keeping the vacuum active, and creates a pneumatic vortex inside your part.  The dust is detached and sucked up via the bigger orifices.


This method is not effective for dust containing glue or greasy substances.



Ø80 mm

Height 58 mm




365 grams





Technical specifications:


·   Table made from synthetic materials (specific custom shape)

·   Ø6 mm quick-release connector for vacuum

·   Ø6 mm quick-release connector for pneumatic pressure


6 bar max. 



Connect the compressed air (6 bar max.) to the bottom connector.


Connect the vacuum to the top connector.


Place the case middle on the synthetic table, and support it for a few seconds. The table should drop by 4 mm



For better efficiency, the compressed air needs to be channelled as much as possible. So you can unclip the synthetic table, and remachine it to adjust the diameter.

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