To facilitate metal bracelet length adjustments

This HEATING VICE makes it easier to unscrew bracelets in the boutique, risk-free.

The principle consists in heating up the glued screw to a temperature of 130°C, to facilitate unscrewing.

In combination with cutting-edge sensor and heat transmission technology, the regulation electronics ensure exactly the right temperature only on a very localised part of the bracelet.

The setpoint value and actual value are displayed digitally. The product is made almost entirely from synthetic material, so as to minimise scratching of the watches.


You can adjust the bracelet width with the height-adjustable table, to enable heating all the way across while maintaining support.


190 x 135 x 65 mm



0.8 kg






Technical specifications:

·   Mains voltage

-          230 V, 50/60 Hz for reference Z352300-230

-          115 V, 50/60 Hz for reference Z352300-115

·   Power input: 55 W

·   Degree of protection: IP30

·   Precision ±5° C


·   Cable not supplied



Adjust the table according to the width of your bracelet.

Position the watch by aligning the screw to be unscrewed opposite the yellow arrow.

Close it using the knurled button


Press button F.


The device will start heating up. Wait approximately 3 minutes, so that the screw has had time to heat up.



Use a screwdriver with the right blade Ø.

Instructions for use:



Please read in full the operating manual supplied, along with the safety advice, before commissioning the device and working with the heating vice.

Accessories :

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