Sulfur and latex-free, with no degassing

NO MORE oxidation on your stored parts, thanks to these rubber bands.

Sulfur is an essential element for vulcanisation on old commercial rubber bands. Yet cannot be used on metal parts because of the oxidation it causes. Brass, pink gold and silver are for example materials with a strong reaction in the presence of these old rubber bands.

Our rubber bands have undergone numerous approval tests in our field.

Compliant with RoHS standards, as well as sulfur they are free from heavy metals, which are harmful to health.

Being latex free means that there are no allergy problems.

A colour code has been implemented to increase your productivity. If you have a bag of rubber bands with a mix of all the sizes, this colour system makes it very quick to select the right size.


Another advantage is that these rubber bands are highly robust, and do not dry out over time. Your consumption will be lower if you use them correctly.



From 20 to 250 mm



From 20 g to 1 kg per bag



H461000-20-VI      (Bag of 1000 pcs)

H461000-40-V      (Bag of 1000 pcs)

H461000-60-B       (Bag of 1000 pcs)

H461000-100-J     (Bag of 1000 pcs)

H461000-150-R    (Bag of 1000 pcs)

H461000-150-RL  (Bag of 250 pcs)

H461000-200-NL  (Bag of 250 pcs)


H461000-250-BL  (Bag of 250 pcs)

Technical specifications:

·   The length is measured flat (half-circumference)



·   8 sizes:


-          20  mm / VIolet / thin

-          40  mm / Green / thin

-          60  mm / Blue

-          100  mm / Yellow

-          150  mm / Red

-          150  mm / Pink / Large

-          200  mm / Black / Large


-          250  mm / White / Large



TECHNIWATCH rubber bands have an elasticity of up to 600 %.

Nonetheless, the size must be suitable for the dimensions of your packaging.



Also, make sure that your trays are free from sharp edges, or the rubber bands could break. 

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