Marketing Projects

Let’s say you would like to give your customers a gift or simply include an accessory to your own products. We offer the opportunity to develop and manufacture exceptional items that reflect your brand and the unique DNA of your products. 


This way, we can help you add perception and differentiate your product line with high-quality accessories. 


Some examples:


-   Microscopes

-   Pens  

-   Jewels

-   USB sticks

-   Keyrings

-   Hand magnifiers

-   Servicing kit

-   Corrector tool

-   Winding kits

-   Boxes and cases

-   Cleaning brushes

-   Crystal cleaning pen


-   Microfibre gloves and towel 


Materials worked: metals, precious woods, resin, leather, ceramic, rubber ...


Anti-Coronavirus door opening key.


This anti COVID-19 door opening key combines ergonomics and design.


Opening a door, pressing a buzzer or lift buttons, entering a code on a payment terminal or ticket machine/ATM...

These all used to be automatic actions, but now with Covid-19, they have become something to be wary or even anxious about.


This key provides several advantages:


- Prevents your fingers from coming into contact with surfaces, i.e. limits transmission of Covid-19


- Made with high-end materials, these keys are designed for long-term durability. 

Whether using precious wood, Corian or acetate, we can adapt to your requirements to make you a customised, unique key. 


- Cleanable


- Environmentally-friendly manufacturing process  


- We can add a logo customisation, a retractor and specific box, according to your requirements.


An uncomplicated look ...





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