Inspection in complete darkness – Simultaneous inspection of 10 watches under UV or white light - Programmable

Simultaneous inspection of ten watches in complete darkness


Unique on the watchmaking market, this unit makes it possible to simultaneously inspect the luminescent materials on ten watch heads or 10 dials under UV and white light.

Simulating a night-time environment makes it easier to reveal the dispersion of the luminescent materials on a single batch of watches, thereby making inspection quicker and more efficient.


This unit also has a touchscreen with an intuitive menu, enabling you to select any suggested programs, or create your own scenario. Hence exposure times to UV rays, rest times, intensities, etc., can easily be varied.


Supplied with a phone holder, enabling you to record each inspection step in image or video form.


The unit's compact shape and light weight makes it ergonomic and easy to work with. 

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Dimensions : 

305 x 245 x 235 mm

Tray passage : 272 x 132 x39 mm



Weight : 

2.4 kg



G421000 :Inspection unit, silicone visor, phone holder, power supply



Technical specifications:


      ·         Inspection with UV or white light

·         Touchscreen

·         Intuitive programming

·         Settings secured by Admin code 







Advantages :


è  Work in darkness

è  Intuitive programming

è  Simultaneous inspection of ten watches


(Trays not supplied) 


Maintenance advice:


Clean using an alcohol wipe



Recommendations for use :

Place all the components to be tested on the honeycomb tray.

Insert the tray through the hatch on the side of the case.

Close the hatch, making sure that the flap closes properly.

Choose the appropriate cycle for the test (programmed beforehand by the customer).


Wait until you hear the ‘beeps’ and the words ‘Please check your parts’ appear on the screen.

Visual inspection is carried out from the flap.


Get as close as possible to the silicone visor for optimum control.

Each check can be recorded as an image or video. In this case, the silicone visor must be removed to be replaced by the telephone holder.


The filter can be easily replaced if it becomes worn.

Replacing the silicone visor :

Remove the visor and replace it with a new one.


G421000 - Comparateur de matières lumine
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