Maximum comfort - Minimum footprint




t is essential to have lighting suited to the specific job you are doing, which provides optimum visual comfort.


This lamp enables you to modify the lighting colour temperature:


     •  Hot white lighting (3000K) creates a pleasant atmosphere, providing a feeling of comfort and relaxation, along with sufficient brightness to perform simple tasks.

     •  White lighting (4500K) creates a cool atmosphere encouraging vigilance and concentration

     •  Cold lighting (6000K) is similar to daylight with the sun at its zenith. This creates a dynamic atmosphere encouraging concentration and performance. This atmosphere is particularly suitable for workshops where detailed and precision work is performed.


In addition, this lamp enables you to vary the lighting intensity, to adapt to changes in the surrounding brightness but also to your physical arrangements at the time, which may change over the course of the day.


Despite its small footprint, it has a large light bar, providing wide lighting for your workspace. Its multiple arms and angular pivot points make it adaptable to your environment and light precisely where you want.


To access the controls, it is possible to use the touch-buttons on the base of the lamp, or the remote control. This has a holder on the arms of the lamp (to mount where you wish), either to store it at the end of the day, or during use.


A battery-powered version also exists, providing a pleasant working environment even in places without electrical control.


For optimal working comfort, this lamp has as an accessory (H496000-V) an eyelid, to prevent excessive brightness in the visual field. Hence this accessory protects against dazzling and greatly reduces the risk of eye fatigue.

Reference : 

- H496000-P (Clip)

- H496000-S (Screw-on base)

- H496000-W (no base)



Dimensions: as per drawing



Weight : 

1 Kg



H496000-P: lamp; power supply; remote control and its support; fastening clip

H496000-S: lamp; power supply; remote control and its support; screw-on mounting base

H496000-W: lamp; power supply; remote control and its support; adapter for screw-in base

Technical specifications :


• Power supply: 100 V/240 V

• Power: 12W

• Lighting colour temperature: 3000K (hot white); 4500K (white); 6000K (cold – daylight)

• Continuous dimming control (1% - 100%)

• Material: Natural anodised aluminium and black plastic

• Compliant with regulations 

• Compliant with standard GB7000.1-2015




·         Workbench work

·         Desk work

·         Checks / Inspection


Advantages :


·         Moderate price

·         LED lighting

·         Choice of lighting colour temperature

·         Option of simulating daylight (6000K)

·         The light source panel is designed to provide gentle and uniform light diffusion

·         Stable multi-directional and multi-angle lighting

·         Wide lit area

·         Touch control or remote control

·         Option of mounting without drilling into the workbench or desk

·         Mountable on a Waldmann bracket (photo)


Controls :




If using several lamps close together (workshop with multiple workbenches), it is preferable to use the remote control from its bracket. This will prevent interference between the lamps.

Battery-powered workbench lamp

The battery-powered lamp was designed to facilitate the work of watchmakers in places lacking electrical power. Held by an adapter base at the base of the lamp, the battery can be clipped onto our type P attachment. For other types, the battery must be placed on the workbench.(Reference H496000-B)


Technical characteristics :

·         No power supply required

·         Battery life : approximately 8 hours

·         Lithium ion battery

·         Power 36 W

·         Charging time 7 hours

·         Battery weight 350g


·         USB port 



Clip fastening H496000-P:

The lamp can be fastened via a clip-on system into a bracket 5 to 65 mm thick. This solution avoids drilling into the workbench or desk

Fastening with screw-on base H496000-S:

The lamp can be fastened on a base screwed onto your workbench or your desk. This means you need to make drill holes in your bracket. So the base is fixed but the lamp is very easily removable: you need only loosen the locking screw on the rear of the base.

Fastening on an existing base H496000-W:

If your workbench already has a Waldmann base, you can use the version directly mountable on your existing base

In every case, the power supply 

cable is independent from the 

fastening method. The plug is on 

the base of the lamp, and is very 

easy to remove

Maintenance advice:


Use a soft dry cloth to clean the lamp's lighting panel.

If necessary you can use a wet cloth, but in this case remove the power leadbeforehand, and make sure that the lamp is dry before powering back on.


Eyelid H496000-V:


The slightly inclined protector directs the luminous flux over the work area, while protecting the eyes from dazzling and the adverse effects of direct lighting on the retina. Hence you are well protected even with the lamp in the horizontal position, preventing unwanted reflections.

This accessory also provides the option of clipping on the blower pipe, on the left or right-hand side of the lamp, so that it is always within easy reach.

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