Photoluminescent pigment testing on dials and hands

THIS device simulates a nocturnal environment at your work space, at any time of day. Portable and compact, it enables you to test HANDS, dials and watches of any diameter. It is equipped with a UV source and 0X or a height-adjustable x2.5 magnifier. 


This simple-to-use unit is used for testing luminescent materials, such as Super-LumiNova®. The UV lamp is activated by a short press on a button situated on the front of the device.


It is equipped with either  a height adjustable x2.5 magnifier to obtain the right viewing sharpness or a 0X Uv filter. Its anti-UV filter protects the eye from the harmful effects of ultra-violet rays.


This tool is lightweight, ergonomic and easy to handle. It is made entirely from synthetic material, preventing risks of scratching in case of mishandling.


A removable clip-on insert inside the unit enables you to place your photoluminescent references as close as possible to the products tested. We are able to do tailored materials deposit.



The device is battery-powered, and rechargeable via a USB-C port. 

Reference : 



Size : 

110 mm x 120 mm x 93 mm


Weight : 

250 gr

Technical specifications :


• Synthetic material

• X2.5 magnifier

• UV source (1.A / RANK : U-IP2-V2 / 390 nm)

• Anti-UV filter (UV 400 / 2C-1,2) 


G419000 (With X2.5 Magnifier)

Product contents :


·   Luminescence testing unit

·   X2.5 magnifier with UV filter

·Clip-on insert to depose your photoluminescent materials

·   Li-ion battery


·   USB to USB-C line

G419000-F (With X0 Magnifier)

Product contents:


·         Luminescence testing unit

·         X0 UV Magnifier

·  Clip-on insert  to depose your photoluminescent materials

·         Li-ion battery


·         USB to USB-C line



Present the device above the piece/part

Press the button (for approx. 1 sec) to activate the luminescence.

Observe and/or compare

Cleaning (please ask)


Do not look at the UV LED on the underside of the device when active



G419000 - Boitier de contrôle de lumines
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