Unrivalled angle adjustability

The orientable table enables you to mount parts in a stable position with a high range of angle adjustment, thanks to its anti-slip mat

When visibility is poor in a flat position, it is preferable to tilt the parts at an angle so as to have a 3D view, and adjust the reflection effects.

This table will really facilitate your fitting and checking tasks.

The reversible black/white anti-slip mat enables you to adapt the contrast to the colour of your parts.


It is also possible to mount your tools or replace the mat with a casing cushion (not supplied)


Ø84 H35 mm



195 grams





Technical specifications:

·         Max. angle 27°

·         The table is held in position through friction

·         M5 in centre for any mounting 

·         Black and white anti-slip foam mat



Under binoculars or a camera, stability is essential, and it is very difficult to take a photo without this table. During inspection at high magnification, place the part to view in the centre of the table.

Hence you can turn and orient your part without it leaving your field of view.

The part will not change height, and your focal distance will remain the same. 


By adding a silicone casing cushion, you can perform operations on your case middles without touching them. The less you touch your parts, the less you will scratch them …

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