Parallel blade sharpener

Practical, precise, individual or series machining



It is essential to have screwdrivers equipped with well-sharpened blades, to ensure a perfect aesthetic finish when assembling movements or other high added-value assemblies.


This machine enables you to customise the blades, perfectly tailored to the screw geometry. Its diamond wheel can be used to sharpen any blade, whatever the material.


The relatively compact footprint of this machine enables it to be installed in the immediate vicinity of the production site. This proximity offers immediate accessibility to watchmakers, to provide optimal assembly conditions.


This machine is simple and safe to use. The fine settings provide very good control of the result, as well as high precision and repeatability.


Each blade reference has two settings to make, height and width of the flat, and the sharpening process comprises two operations.

The user starts the machining process, and the machine works autonomously. The end of the operation is indicated visually.


Once the settings have been made, this same reference can be produced in series.


It takes approximately 5 minutes to set up and machine a reference. For a series of a single blade reference, this time is reduced to approximately 1 minute.


This machine boosts the autonomy and responsiveness of production shops, providing time and money savings, while obtaining blades perfectly suited to their requirements.


This machine is also compatible with a sustainability approach. It enables recycling of damaged blades, thereby avoiding over-consumption

Reference : 


Delivered without a reduction socket or bush (see accessories for the diameters you want)


Dimensions : 

260 x 160 x 180 mm


Weight : 

1.4 Kg



A102200: sharpener; power supply; 1 blade holder; 1 diamond wheel; 1 grinding wheel clamp; 1 blade wrench

Technical specifications:


• Power supply: 100/240 V 50/60 Hz

• Precision: 0.01 mm

• Repeatability: 0.01 mm

• Diamond wheel, Ø 100 mm



·         Parallel blade resharpening

·         Parallel blade cutting

Advantages :


  • Once the machine has been set, setting up a series of sharpening operations for the same reference is quick and convenient
  • Once the sharpening process has been engaged, the machine works autonomously
  • End of cycle indicated by the comparator needle stopping rotating
  • Comparator dial indicates the remaining 
  • stroke distance
  • Filings collection 
  • Safe machine
  • Reversible wheel
  • Option of 2 blade holders to work on 2 stations simultaneously



  • The sharpener has two 2 stations: 

                    Station G (left): Machining the blade tip
                    Station D (right): Machining the blade flanks

  • The blade is positioned in a built-in blade holder from station 
  • G to station D
  • To start, you need to mount the reduction socket and bush matching the diameter (d) of the blade to be sharpened
  • On station G, you set the blade flank height (h) with the lefthand micrometric peg, and the desired pass pitch with the blade holder vernier. You then engage the sharpening until blade/wheel contact, and then let it run autonomously. Once the desired dimension has been reached, the machine will stop lowering
  • On station D, you set the blade flank half-width (L/2) with the right-hand micrometric peg, and then you engage the sharpening operation using the same method. Once the dimension has been reached, you swivel the blade holder through a half-turn, and engage sharpening on the second side. In this way you obtain the desired blade height (h) and flank width (L)
  • To impove the blade quality after sharpening, you can apply a light polish or brushing



For the sharpening of a Ød blade bit you have to order:


• 1x reducing socket A102600-d

• 2x guide bush A102212-d


Special case: for electric shoulder screwdriver bits (Lecureux style), the diameter is different between the socket (Ø 150) and the bush (Ød)

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