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These pliers enable you to make additional holes in leather or rubber straps.

With 4 cylindrical punches and 2 shaped ones, these pliers are highly versatile. They will make adding additional holes in leather and rubber straps easy. The 6 available hole sizes cover the majority of watches on the market.


The design quality and hardness of the punches makes these pliers a high-quality product. They make a clean, burr-free cut. 



80 x225 x 25 mm



270 grams





Technical specifications:


·   4 diameters: 1.20 / 1.60 / 2.00 / 2.50 mm


·   2 oblong shapes: 2.6x1.6 / 4.5x2.0 mm



On the strap, mark out the position where you want to make the hole.


Select the right punch for your strap.


Position the pliers in the axis of your mark.


NB: in the case of shapes, the pliers must be positioned perpendicular to the strap, so that the oblong is straight after the cut.


In the case of cylindrical holes, turn the strap at the end of the cut, to facilitate cutting and improve the cut.



Clamp the pliers firmly and cleanly to make the cut                        

REmoving and refitting the punches


The punches are housed in the pliers via a cone.


To remove, use a mechanic's pliers to extract the punches, or for shaped punches the through-pin supplied with the pliers


To refit, position the punch in its housing and press with the pliers to drive it in properly.



When replacing a shaped punch, use the pin to push through the punch. This enables you to orient the oblong correctly before permanent insertion. 

Accessories :

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