Lightweight - Combined magnification - Ergonomic - Direct view

View suitable for any circumstances


This watchmaker's magnifier was designed to handle as wide a variety of situations as possible, while still being ultra-light.

With its lens built into the magnifier body, it offers 4x magnification (no. 2.5), suitable for any common watchmaking jobs.

For jobs requiring a higher magnification, you need only turn the additional lens with your fingertip, so that it is lined up with the basic lens. This 8x magnification lens (no. 1.25), added to the 4x lens (no. 2.5), provides 12x magnification.

The visible diameter of these 2 lenses is 20 mm, thereby offering a high-focus view, fairly unusual for 12x magnifiers.

You can return to the initial magnification via a precise adjustment with your fingertip in the other direction.

Regardless of the chosen configuration, you also have the option of a direct view (without magnification) of the working environment, thanks to the specially provided aperture.

Since this is a working magnifier, it is held to the eye by a holding wire built into the magnifier body. The wire's geometry has been redesigned for an improved hold.

To best satisfy individual user preferences, as well as various morphologies, there is the option of applying the following settings:

·         Direct view port orientation

·         Angular position of the wire all the way around the magnifier

·         Orientation of the front ring, thereby determining the tipping point of the additional lens


This magnifier comes in both left- and right-handed versions.

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Dimensions : 

Ø 38 x 37 mm + wire


Weight : 

 18 gr



C231000: Magnifier with 4X and 12X magnification ; without holding wire


Technical specifications:


  • Magnifier made from synthetic material
  • Mineral glass lenses
  • Metal wire
  • Magnifications: 0x; 4x; 12x





Avantages :


  • Adjustable magnification
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Direct view (0x)
  •  High-focus view (12x)
  • Quick magnification changeover
  • Orientable and removable wire
  • Available in left- and right-handed versions



Maintenance advice:


Clean the magnifier body using an alcohol wipe

Clean the lenses using a microfibre cloth and a blower


Viewing window 0X magnification

Lens open 4X magnification

Lens closed 12X magnification


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