Save time handling flat components

The transfer trays WERE DESIGNED to increase your productivity in repetitive handling jobs.

The soft surface material makes it easy for the tweezers to slide under the components, before carrying them or turning them over.

With its two sizes, you can choose the one that matches the thermoformed compartmented storage box.

You need only place this tray upside down on top of the compartmented storage box and turn the assembly over, to transfer all the components onto the transfer tray.

This will make access much easier.

Available in two colours and textures, white and black, for better contrast.



Other custom sizes possible.  


Look at texture of cloths

Size and weight: 

100 x 140 x 6 mm    /    75 g


170 x 250 x 6 mm   /   185 g





H489000-100x140-B (white)

H489000-100x140-N (black)


H489000-170x250-B (white)


H489000-170x250-N (black)

Technical specifications:


·   2 sizes:                                                                                                                               

-          100x140, thickness 6 mm


-          170x250, thickness 6 mm


·   2 surfaces:

-          smooth white


-          textured black


·   Black felt on the underside 





Choose the transfer tray size according to your compartmented storage box, ideally slightly bigger.

Put it down on the work surface, in contact with the storage compartments


Turn the assembly over, so that the parts end up on the transfer tray

The parts are ready to handle

Thanks to the flexible surface, it is easy to handle flat components, since the tweezers can slide under the part.

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