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This dosing device was designed to meet the glue metering requirements for assembling watch components. It gives watchmakers greater freedom in their movements, thanks to a fully mechanical pen-type design. The holding ring has an ergonomic shape to best accommodate a variety of finger sizes while still being handy, even for long jobs.
The dosing device enables them to keep one hand free to hold a component, while continuing to work.


The dosing device's repeatability guarantees perfect control of the volume applied, and a stabilised process. It was designed to save time, the product need only be loaded into the chamber built into the device. With a single refill, you can apply up to 1000 x 0.25 µl doses 0/+20% into a S.09 tapped hole. One "click" on the ball click built into the system equates to one dose applied.


Besides glue, the volumetric dosing device can be used for applying oil, grease or other fluids. All parts of this tool are made from synthetic materials, so that the products do not get stuck in the chamber. Since this dosing device is volumetric, it delivers the same quantity of fluid regardless of viscosity. You can create a vacuum in the chamber by withdrawing the piston so that the needle is not blocked when the device is at rest.


The device comes in both right- and left-handed versions. We also offer custom nozzles and volumetric doses.


References : 

H488000-0.25-D (Right-handed)

H488000-0.25-G (Left-handed)


Dimensions : 

Min. / max. dosing device height:

118 mm / 137 mm


Dosing device diameter:

Ø 23 mm


Min. / max. holder plus dosing device height:

140 mm / 210 mm


Holder dimensions              

(L x w x h): 120 x 90 x 100 mm


Weight : 

Dosing device only: 53 g

Dosing device + holder: 110 g



  • H488000-0.25 – Volumetric dosing device, 0.25 µl
  • Holder
  • Oil-pike no.4
  • Bag of 20 synthetic needles

Technical specifications:

  • 0.25 µl dose (approximately 1000)
  • Ø0.60 synthetic needles (for S.09)
  • Good repeatability
  • Ergonomic and adjustable holding ring
  • Deposit indicated with a "click"






Avantages :


  • Precise and repeatable dosage
  • 100 % transportable energy-free tool
  • Quick refill, and hands-free
  • Easily replaceable clip-in-needle
  • Ergonomic and adjustable holding ring
  • Fluid drying prevention chamber 


Advice for filling the reservoir:



To fill the reservoir, a press system built into the device's holder enables it to be positioned "nozzle up", in order to facilitate fluid transfer from its original container to the dosing device. To do so, you need to unscrew the precision screw by 8 mm, tighten the dosing device on the holder, unscrew the nozzle and then fill it. Take care to avoid fluid overflowing from the chamber.


Advice for cleaning:


·        Cleaning in production


To clean the fluids present on the parts of the chamber inside the dosing device:

1.      Unscrew the precision screw by one 10th of a turn so that there is no fluid still visible in the transparent needle.

2.      Unscrew and remove the nozzle.

3.      Screw the precision screw fully back in (the piston will be protruding slightly from the chamber).

4.      Clean off the fluid present on the piston and around it using piece of dry absorbent paper.

5.      Clean the inside the nozzle in the same way.

6.      Push the piston back in so that it is no longer protruding from the chamber.

7.      Screw the nozzle back in, or start a new filling procedure.


·        Fully cleaning the dosing device (if it is going to be out for use for several days)


1.      Carry out the Cleaning in production procedure (see above) as far as step number 6.

2.      Fully unscrew the stop.

3.      Carefully pull out the system shaft from the inside of the dosing device's handle.

4.      Dry clean the assembly, taking care not to touch the screw threads, as this could impair the operation of the precision screw.

5.      If necessary, replace the piston seal and/or the chamber end seal.

6.      Reinsert the screw system into the handle, and carefully screw in the stop.


7.      Screw the nozzle back in, and put the device away. 

Putting away in production:


The holder was designed to house the volumetric dosing device's cap on the rear. Hence you can put the pen in its cap between operations, and easily retrieve it.


Once production is complete, you can unscrew the cap from the holder, and refit it on the dosing device.



Finally, the tool can be hung head up once the work is finished.


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